About Us

SalesStream is a sales acceleration solution that provides companies with an accurate, efficient and simplest way to build lists of prospects. Our mission is to simplify B2B Sales & reduce sales cycle. We build lead lists for you and only you. You own the data and we’ll load it right into your CRM. Given the importance of sales, our teams will be in constant contact as we work deals, collaborate on objection handling, and making sure that the opportunities we generate are the right ones.

We don’t pretend to know your product as well as you do, but that’s not our job. We open doors and vet deal potential- we have a trove of data, best practices, and a scalable process to make that happen better than any in-house team. We put the opportunities on the table and your team brings them to the finish line.

We ensure 100% customized research done just for you that ensure the highest quality of data. So you can close more deals by saving all of your research time. Our Prospecting solution will help your sales and marketing teams find more revenue in target accounts, accelerate new opportunities, and identify the best-producing sales & marketing campaigns.

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Our Client Say

Very happy with SalesStream. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help sourcing new contacts

Brian Streem

Co-Founder & CEO
Solid work and on schedule. Communicated well

Colby House

Recruitment Consultant
Awesome experience with SalesStream. I obviously will be using this services again in the future and highly recommend  for any kind prospecting

Murtuza Kutub


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