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In 2015 SalesStream started as a small company by some Top Rated Freelancer. Today, we stand out as the best service provider in the field of Target List Building, Data Appending, Data Merging and CRM Cleaning. We have served over 250 companies across the globe and are counted among the top 10 organizations in the field of Manual Data Appending.

Our aim is to help organizations grow with best leads coming to them through their marketing efforts. Target List Building, Lead Data Updating, and CRM data cleaning is not any extravagance today but it is the need of time that helps organizations remain updated always. We ensure 100% customized research done just for you that ensure the highest quality of data. So you can close more deals by saving all of your research time.

We have done many projects with several start-ups, SaaS companies to help their sales teams by filling their pipeline with good leads. Our Prospecting solution will help your sales and marketing teams find more revenue in target accounts and identify the best-producing sales & marketing campaigns.


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Our service includes Data Research, Target List Building, Adding Leads to CRM and cleaning CRM. So that you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

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