How should I purchase B2B mailing lists for my campaigns?

B2B mailing list There are a number of companies from whom you can buy the B2B mailing list, but I would strongly advise you against it. I’ll explain in detail what you can do instead that’s much more effective in a moment.


3 reasons you should avoid buying B2B mailing lists:

  1. The majority of B2B mailing lists are not updated. People move from job to job constantly. So your message is sent to an empty chair, essentially.
  2. You can bet you’re not the first company to buy this mailing list. The broker is selling it to everyone. It’s been abused to the point that everybody on that list has been overwhelmed with messages from companies like yours – their inbox is chock-full. So they just ignore it. About 10% of executives change their email address every six months so they can get a clean inbox. But that only lasts a short time. Soon enough your email is lost in the shuffle again.
  3. Your marketing messages often don’t reach the right person. We’ve seen that 30% of lists don’t have the right decision-maker included. They just ignore your message most of the time.

Here’s what we know in general about B2B mailing lists being sold out there. Say you have a list of 20,000 prospects…

  • 10% will be laid-off within 90 days
  • 10% of emails will bounce
  • 20% of contacts will change jobs
  • 5% of those companies will go under


That leaves a much smaller pool of viable contacts than what you’ve paid for when you buy a list. Not a recipe for successful marketing, by any means. You’re not going to get the results you want.

So why do list brokers try to sell such poor-quality lists? Well, it’s expensive to update a list, so they try to sell it as many times as possible before going through that process. In fact, they often let the customer (you) check their contacts for them by selling you a list. When you mail it and get bounce backs and spam reports – they know who to take off. And they don’t have any negative reports on their own IP address – it’s all on their customers like you.

But there is hope. You can make your own high-quality list from scratch.

It does take a bit of legwork. But it’s a process that will result in much better response – more leads – than a purchased list.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. LinkedIn is going to be one of the most important tools in this process.

This is where you can find the target leads at the companies you want to target. LinkedIn is not just a business social network but also a very effective B2B marketing platform.

Here’s a pro tip: Contact the person one level above the decision-maker to increase your response rates by 15% or more. By contacting the boss, who then will forward your email, you ensure some downward pressure on his or her team. Think about how easy it is for a higher-up to forward an email and tell somebody to “follow up on this.” And it’s much more likely to happen rather than somebody responding directly to your email they got in their inbox. They’re accountable to the boss now.

  1. Another way to get email addresses for target leads is… to guess. Corporate emails tend to follow a pretty standard pattern – there are only eight or so different combinations. In fact, 80% will be something like:, firstnamelastame@, or lastname@. Pro tip: Find out just one email address at a company and you have their format for email addresses and you can easily guess the one for your intended contact.
  2. To verify if an email you’ve guessed is a real address, you can use Rapportive And That is great email tester.
  3. So you’ve got a message into the inbox of a potential prospect… you want to convert that lead. You’ve done the grunt work. Don’t let it go to waste.

To make sure you get a reply back or a call, you need to 1) Compel the prospect to open your email, 2) Convince them to contact you.

You do that with a strong subject line that grabs attention and creates curiosity – anything to get that click. And the copy of your message must also be engaging. Show the prospect the benefits of your prospect or service – and give them an incentive to contact you now, rather than later.

  1. Once you’ve gotten a bite from a prospect – that initial contact – you have to follow up. You have to warm up a prospect before they take action, especially in B2B.

Follow this formula to create your own “hot” and current B2B mailing list and you’ll have much better results than if you wasted money and resources on buying and then mailing to a tired old list. Not only will you reach more potential leads; they’ll also be higher quality and more likely to do a deal with you.

That said, the approach I recommend is completely doable if you’re looking at reaching 100 or fewer contacts per week. For larger scale campaigns, you need to outsource the task to professional help experienced in this method.

SalesStream would be the perfect resource for this task. We’re based in Bangladesh but our goal is to provide companies and individuals around the world the highest levels mailing list. and we’d be happy to help you build a better B2B mailing list to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. If you have any questions, Please Contact Us

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