How to find emails manually from LinkedIn?

Find email from linkedinLinkedin with its 300+ million users is one of the biggest b2b prospect and lead generation tool used by thousands of salespeople. Almost every CXO level person to even entry-level developers and employees are on LinkedIn which makes it an amazing platform to find relevant prospects. Here are few ways you can find the person’s email and contact details from Linkedin.

1. First of all. If the person is on your network, it is very easy to look at his email address and contact details. On each profile, there is contact details tab like this.

“See contact info” Click on it and it will show all the details person has filled LinkedIn contact details.

Most of the time, you should see email ids and phone numbers as people often fill in these details. Do note that this data is something which the user wants to show to others. It may not be having the business emails but free emails.

2. Also. If you are not connected to users, you will still see the “contact info” tab but it won’t be showing all the details. It often shows the social media accounts like Twitter and blogs. If you are not seeing the persons info, click on the “Save to Contacts” link on left-hand side of “contact info” to see more info on the person.

If you get the persons twitter account or blog URL, you can find his email id from his blog too.

3. Another. There is also an option at the bottom of many profiles under Additional Info which has “advice for contacting”. If this section is visible, this always has the contact details of the person including email or phone number.

4. Finally. You can use extension or software to extract email from Linkedin. But it’s taken a long time.

If you are serious about prospecting from linkedIn, you can, of course, use Linkedin Sales Navigator and InMail too which I have found pretty useful. Also, you can contact us and save your time.

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