Target List Building

You know your ideal customer profile and what are the best industries to approach. The goal is to keep them focused on closing deals, not sourcing them. You need to spend time pitching qualified prospects, negotiating terms, and getting contracts signed.

But, you are struggling with sourcing them, building target list, cleaning that list, and verifying their info. At the and of the day, you are spending 40% of working time for Target List Building. That is not good.

So, if you are looking for ways to building your target lead list as you want, then SalesStream the right place. Allow us to give you B2B customer intelligence through our on-demand list building service. We have over 3 years of experience in helping individuals and organizations generate good leads.



Contact Info Sourcing

The foundation of any successful marketing campaign depends on the availability of a targeted list of contacts. SalesStream offers complete B2B prospect list development and database marketing services. We help steer successful marketing campaigns by developing customized prospect databases, including all the attributes that you require, including verified mailing addresses, phone numbers, titles and email ids. SalesStream provides detailed contact information to target decision makers and even generates strong B2B leads.



Data Cleansing & Appending

How effective your sales strategy be when you are trying to contact a director of marketing who left last year? The answer is not very much.

B2B data decays for 3 main reasons:

  1. Company 90% business fail in the first 10 years reports (
  2. Person switched job people change jobs. That’s not something new.
  3. Retired about 4 million+ people retire every year, As of 2016 from. Form 2016 to 2030 about 80 million people are expected to retire.

B2B data is decaying at 4% per month. Don’t ask your sales reps to spend the time to clean messy data. They aren’t equipped to do so plus that one hour every day is effectively the loss of productivity. Hire experts to clean, sort and append information to your CRM and start better prospecting.

SalesStream can help you perform CRM Cleaning & CRM Appending. So that your CRM Data remains most effective/productive at all times and deliver you the most relevant and accurate information. Our data cleaning services for Salesforce, Marketo and Pardot fix data problems of any kind – from massive data standardization projects to deduping. And because we’re humans, we fit right into your existing data, systems and tools with no delays for integration.

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